So it’s finally happened. I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to start a blog. I have been avoiding this endeavour due to the fact most people probably don’t care what I think about design, movies, all that jazz, and I honestly had no idea what to say even if they did. Well screw you naysayers, here it is, in all its bog-standard, mediocre glory and about a decade late for good measure.

I will try my best not to sway towards the attention-whorey route with this thing, but when it comes to showing off your own work a little of that is inevitable. I just hope this has at least a smidgen of sincerity, and doesn’t come off as arrogant and self involved, as so many blogs seem to these days, particularly in the creative industry (let’s be honest, you may be cramming your awesome design down my throat, but you’re still a smug wanker).

I’m guessing this whole thing will evolve over time, as I do, and for a token introductory post I’ve probably rambled on too much as it is. Finally a quick thank you to Mr. Campbell for scaring the bejesus out of me earlier today with a ‘No Blog = No Career’ pep talk, and my friends Chris and Kerry, whose help I will inevitably abuse over the next few days when I try and make this thing actually look nice.

Ta muchly, and I’ll leave you with a pretty fitting song by nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot.