Well the Winter Olympics are in full effect, and I’m loving the BBC’s online coverage (in fact as I’m writing this France’s Claire Chapoto just fell over in spectacular fashion in the boarder-cross qualifiers, great stuff). iPlayer now has a permanant home in the top right of my screen so I can watch everything live while working. Which over the last few days has been for D&AD’s ‘H.G. Wells / Orion Books‘ brief, which involves making a matching series of book covers for 3 of Wells’ lesser-known novels. I’ve been focusing on ‘Tono-Bungay‘.

These are early mock-ups, just to get a feel for what things look like. I’m trying to make something in the same style as the classic ‘Penguin’ books of the 60s and 70s. I’m not sure if I’m going to go with any of them, as I have heard that quite a few others have used the medicine bottle too. Either way, these are part of my first batch of designs, it’s still very early days. One thing’s for sure though, pink, white and black looks pretty darn cool.