The Lovely Bones (2009)Dir. Peter Jackson
A pretty decent movie, with good performances (Stanly Tucci is awesome) and some great cinematography. I found a few scenes really didn’t work (hello strange CGI heaven dance montage) which takes you out of the gripping story and detracts from the seriousness of the flick. Overall though, a few innapropriate scenes didn’t stop me thoroughly enjoying this.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)Dir. Jim Sharman
Not so much a homage to vintage sci-fi / horror, as a completely new, wacky genre of subversion and insanity. This remains one of the strangest, campest musicals ever made, and I’ll admit it’s pretty fun. It’s not amazing, but it’s jubilant, throwaway entertainment.

Black Caesar (1973)Dir. Larry Cohen
Fred Williamson is one cool motherfucker, and the soundtrack and editing of this flick are fantastic (a style Tarantino has copied with a clear love for the genre). Which is why it’s a real shame it all peters out after the first half hour or so. It starts promisingly enough, but it gets a bit boring and just ambles along until the inevitable climax. Considering this is meant to be one of the best blacksploitation movies, ‘Black Ceasar’ was a massive letdown.

Pontypool (2008) Dir. Bruce McDonald
It’s an original and interesting take on the genre I’ll give ’em that (I won’t spoil it, but these zombies are quite a bit different to the usual kind). This showed so much promise over the first half hour, a wonderful ambience, clostrophobic setting and some really creepy stuff. Then it all goes down hill, with very strange scenes and nothing being explained about what we’re seeing happen. If you’re going to radically change genre conventions with a new idea, it shouldn’t be so wafer-thin that you can’t explain it to the audience without someone calling bullshit. Another big let down.