Here’s an update on my current project (H.G. Wells Book Covers). I’ve been working on designs for ‘Love and Mr. Lewisham‘ for the past couple of weeks, and here are my favourites thus far. For those of you not aware of the story (so, all of you), the book revolves around Mr. Lewisham, an ambitious, free-thinking schoolteacher. He falls in love with Ethel (visiting Sussex from London) who he looses contact with once she returns. A few years later Lewisham is starting to fall for Alice, a student his, when he runs into Ethel at a seance. There’s alot of internal conflict, with Lewisham torn between the two women, and also his firm believe in science clashing with Ethel’s world of mediums and the supernatural.

These are just mock-ups and I’m not sure on any of them. The black & white vector people may not really fit with the Saul Bass style I’m going for (like my ‘Tono-Bungay’ designs), but I think they look pretty cool nonetheless. If anyone has any opinions feel free to comment. Cheers.