For my current project at uni, I have been looking at hundreds of various book covers, particularly very old school, retro stuff. Images downloaded from websites are all very good, but it just doesn’t compare to having the physical thing. So this is the first of a few posts in which I showcase some of the fantastic books I have gotten hold of in the flesh, or paper as it were. There is something extremely cool about holding an old book in your hands. Feeling the aged print, smelling the dust and the paper, you just don’t get that from jpegs.

These first two were loaned to me by my friend and fellow graphic designer Kerry Armstrong (aka The Next Great Armstrong), who said he picked these up at a local shop for a couple of quid. Money. Well. Spent. Just look at the colours and layout, they’re beautifully constructed and somehow feel kinda contemporary even now.  Sadly I can’t find a designer credit in them anywhere, but they were published in 1978 and were ‘Printed and bound by Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press), Ltd., Bungay, Suffolk.’ Bungay?!  That’s right near where I live, awesome. The opening page of ‘Business and Administrative Organisation‘  describes the ‘Made Simple’ series and says, “However complex the subject, the reader is taken step by step, clearly and methodically, through the course.” That line stood out to me, it’s quite nice, in a rigid, 70s business kinda way. Which is also why I dig the covers so much.

Another cool thing worth sharing is some of the images from the ‘Computer Programming‘ book. This is how computers were in the 70s. Back before iPads and Fleshlights, computers looked like a cross between a vinyl deck and a washing machine, that you had to feed tape into. As if that doesn’t bizarre enough, the tape was read by a series of holes punched into it, which makes me think of those cool as hell self-playing pianos that they used to have in western saloons and Scooby-Doo cartoons. Have a look and marvel at the technology of yesterday.