For years I’ve been making playlists in good ol’ Windows Media Player, proving to be both a motivation to do more uni work and a distraction from it. Recently I started writing them down, as it occurued to me that not doing so was kind of a waste. And it’s now turned into an apparently directionless, kinda avant garde personal exercise that I can’t seem to leave alone.

My basic idea was to try and tie these somehow into my self-promotion project, and so I made these largely type-based CD covers that I’m not sure what to really do with. The funny thing being the playlists I make are like 30 tracks long, so could never possibly fit on an audio CD, so…yeah. Not sure where this thing is heading at all. What I am sure of though, is there’s something kinda nice about the whole endeavour. Aside from the fact they look good, I find music is a truly wonderful thing, it has the power to enrich your soul, overcome you with emotion and provide an outlet for your deepest feelings or problems. Cataloguing the music that is currently getting me through stupidly late nights and massive amounts of uni work can’t possibly be a bad thing. Perhaps in several years time I’ll look at ‘The Awesome, Motivational Playlist’ and remember how those humble .mp3’s provided me with enough focus and determination to finish my book covers at 2 o’clock in the morning, and how fantastic that made me feel.