Greetings from a post hand-in, regretfully grey world. Alot of shit has been happening the last couple of weeks, with the titular coffee stains changing to those of tears as I learned a friend of mine from China passed away on saturday. She was a truly wonderful person, whose constantly bright attitude and silliness I’ll miss greatly. The world is a little less bright now and although I pretty much fell apart for a while, I somehow had to try and focus on uni work, as both a distraction and a neccessity. It just so happens my self promotion project has now evolved to include branded cassette tapes, and for research I raided my Dad’s collection (which has sadly diminished over the years of discs and .mp3’s).

Now I found alot of really cool stuff, crammed with retro-ness and some excellent design that I thought I’d share will y’all. The cassette tapes themselves have alot of great typography and subtle nicities that stood out to me, such as the awesome ‘2‘ on the Best of Blondie tape below. Or the great colours and ‘C 45‘ type (that evokes 70’s sci-fi like Logan’s Run and Westworld) above.

The covers and cases also have gained a nostalgic, retro niceness that I’m sure nobody thought twice about back in the 80s. While not quite as iconic a shape as the tapes themselves, the cases offered a rather restriced and quite odd canvas on which to work with. Primarily the back portion of the inlay, whith bevelled corners that made cramming readible text into the space, I know, because I tried, and kinda failed. Still these have very much the same appeal to me as the old Penguin’s I have been buying. With age comes a fondness, a kind of respect for the large part of our lives and technological history they once occupied. Bland and otherwise straight-forward graphic design, once given 20 years of age, creases, stains and imperfections sudden becomes really cool, which I personally think, is pretty nice.