Just a quick one today folks. Continuing mine and The Next Great Armstrong‘s trip down retro lane is this thing I discovered tucked away in a drawer whilst clearing out our NUCA studio for exhibition. All the way from 1976! In case it isn’t obvious due to the fact it says so on the front, this is a set of incredibly technical guidelines for ‘copy preparation and proof correction’ from the British Standards Institute (who, I’m quite amazed to find are still alive and well today).

This reminded me of a time when design was actually super difficult, and not every Joe Average with a laptop and a copy of Microsoft Paint could call themselves a ‘graphic designer’. Because of this, and the fact it’s set out quite nicely, I think it has a strange sort of charm, like something from ye olde techno times. Kinda like Letracet transfers, those things were freaking cool. I’d love to think it’s been sitting in that drawer for the last 34 years, forgotten about and rendered obsolete, only to be found by some crazy design student who can somehow find beauty in even the most basic of typsetting. Chances are it hasn’t, but a guy can dream.