With our exhibition rapidly coming together, it seems only fair I give a shout out to our big branding concept, Racing Goldfish, which will be attacking D&AD New Blood in under a week. The brainchild of out course leader and spearheaded by two awesome gents by the names of Mark Amos and Billy Thorpe (over at Portfolios from the Soul and make it touch it see it respectively). The general idea is that all us graduating designers are kinda like goldfish, swimming around in a race to find employment, gravitas, and success in the industry. If you zoom out further, you could even say every designer is like a racing goldfish, be them student or high-paid proffessional.

Above is the fantastic list from which they’ve been working from, with each student (at least, each of us who’s exhibiting) choosing a pantone, to be placed onto a digital fish. The fish will then reside on everyone’s work once it’s up on the wall. Below are each of our racing numbers, which I think look pretty damn nice (another retro nod, alot like the numbers I found on those cassette tapes the other week). I’m number 17.

And finally we have the fish themselves. Mad respect to Mr. Leigh Evans, the guy who actually made them… and free of charge. If I ever meet you sir I owe you a pint, as does everyone else in my class.  I’m still not entirely sure what the next step is with this hair brained scheme, especially seeing as though New Blood is fairly soon. There was talk of trying to get famous creative people involved, but stuff has been so lax and behind we’re still churning stuff out that should have been finished last friday, students eh? I do know there’s a NUCA – Graphic Communication newspaper in the works, and we WILL be exhibiting at the illustrious design conference, so keep your eyes peeled for the students with the fish, we can’t wait to race you.