Well it’s that time again folks… I am of course doing the customary plugging of our end-of-year show, and it’s been a wonderfully hectic, goldfish race so far. The show goes live tomorrow evening, and my god are we gonna have a hectic morning, considering alot of stuff needs to be finished, stuck down, moved out and generally made to look alot nicer than it does at the moment. In an effort to make Graphic Communication stand out from it’s big brother Graphic Design (a brother who happens to be better at graphics than us), our work has all been printed on A1 and A0 sheets of paper, and bulldog clipped to the wall. On top of that we have a neat branding metaphor concept in Racing Goldfish, which I have mentioned here already. I have to hand it to our illustrious course leader, stand out we do.

Aside from not getting any of this stuff done early enough, leading to massive headaches in technicians, tutors and students alike, things do look pretty cool. Various things that we assumed would work based on one picture of an exhibition that did something similar turned out to not work at all, which at times has had me laughing at the sheer calamity of everything. Shit goes wrong, you laugh, move on, and stay up till 4am rectifying things. These last few weeks have basically been that repeated every day, and I’ve enjoyed nearly every minute of it. Life is a lot less interesting when things go to plan.

Anyways, I took some photos of the happenings in the studio today. Which should give you an idea of how things are shaping up and that I also think show the creative collaboration we’ve got going on in a nice sorta way. On a side note, our new Biorb goldfish tank looks great (nice one, Sir). Finally a shout-out to the cats who have pitched in their time and effort the last few days, I have had a blast. Bring on more days of craziness, and our trip to New Blood.

The public view is tomorrow evening (the 22nd) at roughly 5pm, NUCA, Duke Street, Norwich. Come see our hair-brained scheme in action.