Further coverage of our end of year show brings this late post showcasing our very own newspaper. A key part in our Racing Goldfish branding concept, these 15 page papers were designed by Billy Thorpe and Darren Leader and were kindly printed by the folks over at Archant Norfolk. I accompanied  Portfolios from the Soul‘s Mark Amos on a trip across the fine city of Norwich to collect these things hot off the presses. Well they weren’t really hot at all, but we sure were thanks to the gorgeous weather.

Aside from the standard imperfections of bulk newsprint, they turned out really well. In fact those very imperfections (increased contrast, ink running etc.), make it look alot cooler than if these had been in glossy magazine format. Creases, bleed marks, stuff like that makes something feel very honest and on the level. There’s not alot of pretention in a newspaper, even designy newspapers have a no-nonsense, simlistic and down-to-earth charm which is almost the polar opposite of something like an eBook on the iFad. New technology (as in Apple), cool as it is, I find robotic, clinically clean, and the same for every single person that has one, whereas every NUCA paper can been folded by someone, stained by someone, have a phone number quickly scribbled on the back by someone and has a kind of textured personality, which is rather nice I think.

My stuff is located on a cool double page spread along with The Next Great Armstrong, movie-mad Nina Brown and awesome illustrator Carrie Carter. The papers seemed to go down really well at our exhibition’s public view, and have had quite the trek across the capital too with our trip to D&AD New Blood. Which I returned from at 4 o’clock this morning and will write up as soon as I compile the wealth of stuff I collected, photographed and experienced while there. In the meantime, a very good night to you all.