I’ve been meaning to whack these on here for ages now, as it’s been over a month since I finalised and printed my nifty business cards. My preliminary post while I was still developing stuff can be found here. They didn’t change dramatically, I’m still ripping off / paying homage to my favourite set of book covers designed by Penguin and Romek Marber, but what I did do, is design four different variations. Why have one when you can have four? It’s based on a set of books after all.

Above: Two of Marber’s original covers. Below: My final four business cards.

Based on recommendations from my fellow designers Anna O’Dell and Laura Jordan, I went to Eco Digital Print to get them… well, printed. A great bunch of gents, who helped me and many other design students get their shit printed as our exhibition rapidly approached. My cards came out awesome, very nice stock and the colours looked fine. I was a little worried as me and printing never really got along, with so many variables, stuff usually goes wrong in the short time it takes an image to go from my screen to a piece of paper, and even shorter amount of time for me to punch the nearest wall in frustration. I have since gone back to Eco to print my entire portfolio, and have joined my colleagues in recommending them as probably the best place in Norwich for printing.

Above: The first test page. Below: All cropped and ready to give away.

As if by magic, when you put all four cards next to one other we see the title / logo of this very website (OMFG!). By no means an original idea, I thought the tackiness worked with the old school retro-ness of the cards themselves, and I think it does look pretty cool. It’s also a cheap incentive for people to take all four away with them. I must have done something right, as both stacks at D&AD London and our exhibition in Norwich disappeared completely. Though saying that, I haven’t received any e-mails from those who took one, unlike most of my friends. So if you did take one, and happen to be reading this, chuck a comment my way. It would be kinda nice to know someone else digs this stuff as much as me. Anyways, thanks for reading, much love to all of you.

Eco Digital Print, Noriwch: http://www.ecodigitalprint.co.uk/ (Thanks again guys!).