On a much needed day off, the lads and I decided we didn’t want to stay in and to go out and do something. Exactly what we didn’t really know, but with all of us being completely broke I figured it would just be walking round somewhere on a lovely day, so I made sure I threw my DSLR in the car (I’ve had my Sony for a couple of years now, but don’t get anywhere near enough chances to use it). Someone suggested going to Southwold, which I was totally up for, but was met with disdain from others, and after starting to drive without a destination, we ended up in Great Yarmouth.

I haven’t been there in about a year, and I forgot just how cool a place it is to photograph. It’s quite surreal having a seaside holiday destination so close to home, as I never really think of Yarmouth as a place people want to go and stay, because as awesome as the Pleasure Beach is, and who doesn’t like arcades, there’s very little else. I took hundreds of photos, all the different structures, people, and signage makes for some really cool looking images. Typography too, as a big type fan there’s a wealth of stuff to admire in that tacky, run down Yarmouth sorta way. The things I spent the most time snapping away at, were the giant arcade signs. Huge lettering adorned with colourful light bulbs, which look pretty interesting when you zoom in close and have a kinda sombre feel during the day. All in all it was an awesome day out, we spent virtually no money and experienced the great British seaside. Charming.

You can find the full albums on Flickr: Black & White Colour