Like any decent bloke, my Dad raised me on awesome action and sci-fi movies. In particular, the films of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of my favourites was his 1987 dystopian future game show flick ‘The Running Man‘. I really loved (and still love) that film, God knows how many times I watched it when I was younger, but because I never got round to picking it up on DVD I went roughly 5 years before seeing it again a few days ago. Aside from the fact it’s still the cheesy as hell, massively fun, violent fun-fest I remember it being, I happened to notice the opening credits are actually pretty damn cool. As a kid I didn’t notice such things, but the retro-obsessed designer I’ve grown into was struck right away with the old school 80’s titles.

They’re nothing spectacular, but I thought I’d show them some love as nobody else seems to have on this world-wide web of ours. They begin with a simple yet typically sci-fi typeface, then we get the video-game, Commodore64-style lettering spelling the name of quite possibly the greatest man in the world (at least, that’s what I thought when I was 10) and the films very memorable title. I think it suits the movie really well, as the format (which has been re-hashed a number of times) is very video game-like in nature, and the cold black background is very apt for the bleak future the film is set in. The animated running men look pretty dodgy when they get 3D-ified, but the shot of Schwarzenegger – or more specifically, The Butcher of Bakersfield Ben Richards – running behind the title is too damn cool not to like.

Either way, check ’em out, and if you’re anything like me this should bring back some fond memories, because as they say, they don’t make ’em like this anymore.