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Just a quick one today folks, something I was just going to tweet but figured it deserved a little more than that. This has pretty much been the best part of still living at home at the moment, basically my Mum bought this tin of Jacob’s biscuits as a Christmas gift for someone, I spotted it and immedietly said “I gotta take some pictures of that before you wrap it up.” Seriously, this thing is freaking gorgeous.

Click to view larger.

I can’t find the illustrator though there’s also a McVitie’s tin by the same person available, but man, this is the sort of thing that just encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. That warm, lovely feeling you have in your head when you fondly think of the holidays, I get that when I imagine this scene coming to life. This tin is just all kinds of wonderful,  and I think it’s a real shame it hasn’t recieved more attention from us online design types. So a very early seasons greetings from Coffee Stained Papers, I hope some people out there dig this as much as me.