Another quick post to showcase another cool (albeit random) item I found. I have no idea how long this rolling pin has been in our cupboard, but I’m willing to bet decades. Anyways I spotted this today and really dug the dated, old school style. I would even go as far to say this probably looked at home in those ‘Kitchen’s of Tomorrow’ you used to see in the 60s. Such simple, minimalistic packaging design just doesn’t exist anymore, heck there isn’t even a barcode.

The front has a pretty detailed illustration of the item itself. I think they’ve done a decent job considering the pin itself if clear glass. The muted colours and bold logo are a little garish, but the white has faded and the edges torn, giving it a rustic and benevolent kinda character. I’m quite glad I found this, as it would probably just be thrown or given away, and not be given a chance to be appreciated (at least on a retro cosmetic level).